John Cena announces WWE return date

When Will John Cena Return To WWE?
When Will John Cena Return To WWE?

John Cena announced he had a shoulder injury just days after making his long-awaited WWE return. This was discouraging given all the injuries that the roster had been faced with like Seth Rollins and Randy Orton going down. Mr. HLR was given a diagnosis of 6-9 months to return.

However, Cena has always been known to make an earlier-than-expected comeback. He did so in 2008 at the Royal Rumble and in late 2013 from an elbow injury.

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Well, Super Cena is back, as he announced on Monday that he will be returning to the WWE on Memorial Day, which falls on May 30 this year. This will mark about five months since he had the surgery.

Cena's presence will surely be welcome back with open arms and boos by all WWE fans. He is a polarizing figure on the shows that fans either love or hate.

The question with the 15-time World Champion is what he will do upon return. Roman Reigns called him out in an interview on the morning after WrestleMania 32, so it's possible we head in a direction toward that. However, if the former Shield man's feud is still going on with AJ Styles, maybe Cena starts out with another opponent.

Some may look for John Cena to get back into the United States Championship picture after all he did for the belt in 2015. The US Open Challenge provided some of the greatest moments on Raw last year, and with the title being given no relevance with Kalisto holding it, maybe WWE chooses to given the 39-year-old the strap again.

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