Jennifer Aniston's beauty icon? It's Gloria Steinem


It is now day six of the Great Jennifer Aniston Content Blitz, which commenced when People named her the Most Beautiful Woman in the World last week. The magazine has published several articles about Jen, her opinions, and her diet since then, and today we got the following: "Jennifer Aniston Opens Up About Her Beauty Icons."

Who are Jen's beauty icons? Believe it or not, Gloria Steinem was the first person she named.

"I've always thought Gloria is quite stunning for many, many reasons besides her exterior," Jen told People. "She's taught me about feminism. There was a time when I was like, 'I'm not quite sure I understand what this is?' And she's like, 'It's very simple: it's just about equality. That's all it is.'"

See photos of Jennifer Aniston through the years:

Hm, well. That is beautiful.

Gloria isn't Jen's only beauty icon, however. She said she also admires Lauren Hutton, Brigitte Bardot, and "those kind of babes."

This concludes today's installment of Jennifer Aniston's beautiful answers to People's inspiring questions.

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