Hillary Clinton shuts down any chance of a Koch endorsement

Hillary Clinton Shut Down Any Chance of a Koch Endorsement
Hillary Clinton Shut Down Any Chance of a Koch Endorsement

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is making it very clear she has no interest in a possible endorsement from one of the GOP's biggest donors.

Charles Koch said 'it's possible' when an interviewer for ABC asked if it's "possible another Clinton could be better than another Republican?"

Billionaire industrialist Charles Koch has historically backed Republican candidates. So his claim that Clinton could make a better president could be a very bad sign for the GOP.

Photos of Hillary Clinton's celebrity endorsements:

But instead of running with it, Clinton tweeted she is "not interested in endorsements from people who deny climate science and try to make it harder for people to vote."

In many ways, Clinton's and Koch's views don't line up. Koch has been called a "hard-line libertarian," while some have said Clinton is "the stereotypical libertarian nightmare."

Clinton is also likely weighing the perception of a large donation itself. Earlier this year, 76 percent of likely voters in a Rasmussen poll said the wealthiest individuals and companies have too much sway over elections.

Koch just happens to be the seventh wealthiest American.

And things might be a little different if Bernie Sanders wasn't directly competing against Clinton. Sanders has famously ridden the support of small donations, and as of April, his total funds raised have caught up to Clinton's.

For his part, Koch said Clinton's actions would have to be "quite different than her rhetoric" for him to officially endorse her.