Here's what Twitter thinks is in Hillary Clinton's purse

Hillary Clinton Stumps For Votes In Philadelphia

Last week, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton caught the attention of the Twitter sphere after an appearance on the popular radio "The Breakfast Club." Clinton declared that one item she always keeps with her is hot sauce, which led some to believe she was pandering to the Black community.

Although many pointed out that Clinton has been a long time fan of hot sauce, some on Twitter couldn't help but capitalize on the moment and create another trend by sarcastically answering, "What's in Hillary's purse?"

The hashtag quickly gained traction on Twitter but both Clinton and Sanders supporters were quick to call out the sexist undertone of the hashtag, noting that no one asks male candidate what they keep in their wallets.

As the hashtag grew more popular Clinton supporters attempted to reclaim the moment.

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Here's what Twitter thinks is in Hillary Clinton's purse
Pepper spray in case Ted Cruz turns out to really be the Zodiac Killer. #WhatsInHillarysPurse
Yep, there's definitely no sexism in this presidential race: #WhatsInHillarysPurse
#WhatsInHillarysPurse the elusive misplaced evolved transcripts.
#WhatsInHillarysPurse The missing billions meant to rebuild Haiti after the earthquake.
#WhatsInHillarysPurse A full endorsement from the #NRA tucked in the deepest possible compartment w accompanying $cash donation
Stolen votes from Brooklyn and the Bronx #NYPrimary 🍕 👛👜💼👝 #WhatsInHillarysPurse
The whole #WhatsInHillarysPurse thing is definitely doing a lot to dispel preconceptions about Bernie bros. #wtf
#WhatsInHillarysPurse Not her transcripts. She's never going to release those things because they'd end her candidacy.
#WhatsInHillarysPurse 2 Million fake twitter followers
#WhatsInHillarysPurse Transcripts of all of Bernie rallies for her to memorize to repeat to the media, as her own.
#WhatsInHillarysPurse an Urban Dictionary.
Her position on the issues of the day #WhatsInHillarysPurse
#WhatsInHillarysPurse HOT SAUCE
Just sayin' we called this... #WhatsInHillarysPurse

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