Go bowling in your living room inside this Utah dream home

Luxury Properties in Park City
Luxury Properties in Park City

If you've ever sat on your couch watching TV out of boredom and thought, "I really want to go do something fun, but I'm too lazy to move more than five feet," then you're in luck with this Utah estate that features a bowling alley right in your living room.

A very modern open floor plan makes most of the main floor feel like one giant room of pure elegance and comfort.

Floor-to -ceiling windows and a wood-paneled ceiling only aid in opening up the space even further, featuring views of the Wasatch Mountains and your very own pond and stream.

Oh, and did we mention the cascading waterfall?

Take a look here at pictures of this stunner of an estate:

The home itself is just under 18,500 square feet, including four bedrooms and seven full bathrooms, but it's the additional features and specialty rooms that take this home to the next level.

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The house features a sauna for prime relaxation, a top-of-the-line gym for stress relief and, naturally, a recording studio in case you're ever in the mood to lay down a track during your down time.

Tie in the gorgeous outdoor pool and outdoor deck area that looks like it would be found in a resort somewhere, and you have a property that's the ultimate place for entertaining.

The estate is on the market for $7.4M, though we're not sure whether or not expert-level bowling skills are a required part of the deal.

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