Bob Knight will endorse Donald Trump at Indianapolis rally

New Yorker Cartoons Illustrate Donald Trump's America
New Yorker Cartoons Illustrate Donald Trump's America

On Wednesday night in Downtown Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium, Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump will receive the endorsement of another sports coach. When Trump speaks at Lucas Oil Stadium, former Indiana Hoosiers Hall of Fame basketball coach Bob Knight will endorse the leading Republican candidate.

CNN's Peter Hamby tweeted out the Republican endorsement supposedly going down in Indianapolis on Wednesday night at Lucas Oil Stadium.

UPDATE: It appears the rally will NOT be held at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Indiana seems like it will be a swing state in the 2016 Presidential Election coming in November. While Trump was able to get former New York Jets head coach and current Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan to endorse him while campaigning in New York a few weeks ago, getting Knight's endorsement could prove pivotal in if Trump can hold his own in the coming months in Indiana.

Like Trump, Knight is known for his animated behavior in the 1980s. Knight led many fantastic Hoosier teams at Indiana University in Bloomington from the 1970s to the mid-1990s.

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While Knight once held the NCAA record for most career wins all-time for a men's coach, he's best known for two things while at Indiana: 1.) His 1975-76 Indiana team were the last NCAA Division I team to go undefeated in a season. 2.) He once threw a chair on the court in the middle in a rivalry game against the Purdue Boilermakers on February 23, 1985.

Will Trump get another media darling sports coach to endorse him as he travels the country in hopes of being the next President of the United States? Maybe, but getting Ryan and now Knight certainly shows the type of coaching demographic he aligns with.

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