5 brilliant ways to save money on airfare

Five Brilliant Tricks to Save Money on Airfare

Planning a trip but hoping to do it without spending too much money on airfare? Thanks to these money-saving hacks you'll be able to book your flights with enough leftover for plenty of souvenirs!

First of all, the best time to purchase plane tickets is on Tuesdays at 3:00 pm. It's important that you delete your browser history before searching for flights. If you're traveling abroad, be sure to only look at international airlines.

Avoid surprise charges by checking baggage fees and weight limits ahead of time, and find hidden deals online by searching for your destination with keywords like 'promo', 'discount', or 'coupon'.

Watch the video above to learn more tricks!

Check out the top 10 travel destinations in Italy to get inspired for your next trip:

Top 10 travel destinations in Italy
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5 brilliant ways to save money on airfare

10. Pisa

Though it's infamous for the Leaning Tower of Pisa, thiscity boats some of the finest architecture in the world.

9. Bologna 

Called "The Red City," Bologna has some of the most incredible medieval architecture to explore. 

8. Naples

Called the "City of the Sun," Naples is the 3rd largest city in Italy, rivaling Rome.

7. Milan

Known for its two major staples: Fashion and the exchange, Milan is home to great beauty and power.

6. Sicily

Offering diverse panoramic landscapes, Sicily often feels like a tropical island.

5. Cinque Terre

Made up of a string of centuries-old fishing villages, this coastal spot is a favorite for those looking for a quiet getaway.

4. Amalfi Coast

Tourists love to drive the coast, entering what many call a postcard paradise. 

3. Venice

Made up of over 100 tiny islands linked by bridges over waterways, Venice shops are flooded with the highest quality antiques, silks and more.

2. Florence

Florence boats some of the most incredible art and architecture in Italy -- housing the works of the greats.

1. Rome

No city stands the test of time like the Eternal City. The history of Rome runs so deep, it's impossible to visit Italy and not stop here.


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