11-year-old girl dies after choking on marshmallow at party

Somerset Girl Dies After Choking On Marshmallow At Party

11-year-old Azriel Estabrooks was at a birthday party last weekend when she choked on a marshmallow and died a few days later, WBZ-TV reported.

Police and a school official confirmed the Massachusetts girl, who lived in Somerset, died at Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence on Friday morning. The 5th grader had been in the hospital since she was found unconscious on April 16.

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Azriel's mother, Iris Estabrooks, told WBZ that she got a phone call from the parties hosts' about an hour after she dropped her off, telling her that Azriel had passed out.

Police didn't release the hosts' identities to WBZ.

Image: WBZ

The girl's mother said that no one realized Azriel was choking when she was discovered passed out on the floor. When rescuers arrived at the scene, they ended up finding a marshmallow lodged in Azriel's throat, WZB reported.

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In order to help pay for the funeral costs, a family friend started a GoFund Me page.

"The family is grieving the loss of their beautiful little girl! She will always be with them in their hearts and watching over them and especially her younger brother and sister," a blurb on the page reads.

The page has raised more than $21,000 since Saturday.

Azriel's grandmother told WBZ she can't believe she is gone.

Every grandmother loves their granddaughter, but this child was just exceptional," Ione Dean told WBZ. "She was just the light of my life."

"It's been hell," she added. "She had begged for weeks, 'please, please, please let me go there like the other kids.'"

Azriel's family told WBZ that she loved her family and history. Her grandmother described her as a smart, funny and mature girl.

"She has touched, apparently, so many people's hearts. She was just that kind of kid."

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