11 teachers who couldn't imagine having any other job

There are plenty of challenges that come along with being a teacher -- not only is the education of young, vulnerable minds in your hands, but you need to also create lesson plans, keep your classroom interesting and (at times) deal with less-than-understanding parents. That being said, similar to parenting, watching children you care about grow, flourish and excel is an irreplaceable feeling that teachers often get to experience. It's the kind of feeling that makes all of the little annoyances of your everyday work life so, so worth it.

Several overjoyed teachers took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain the real joys of teaching.

1. Knowing you made a significant difference in someone's life is reason enough to keep at your work:

Saw a former student today. She talked about her accomplishments and said how I helped create a strong foundation for her. Reminded me of why I became a teacher in the first place.

2. Salary and credit are lesser matters when measured up against passion and fulfillment:


3. It's amazing to be in a position to have so many young minds look up to you:

The only people in this world that make me feel truly loved and appreciated are the children I work with. And. That is the main reason I teach. Unlimited unconditional love. <3

4. All nine-to-five-ers can really ask for is to wake up and feel excited about going to work:

Being a teacher is such an amazing job,I actually look forward to work

5. Teachers are totally allowed to nerd out over cute school things:

I love being a teacher for young children. I can sit and read small cute books and not get judged for it... pure happiness for me ��

6. You can watch young children grow into kind people as it happens:

As a kindergarten teacher I love craft day! I love seeing my students share and helping each other out. And knowing that I am impacting their lives makes me love my job.

7. Becoming a teacher will probably make you remember all the instructors who influenced you:

I became a teacher because of my homeroom high school teacher. He taught me patience and knowledge

8. No ego boost like a bunch of kids telling you you're pretty all day:

I love being a teacher. Children give me hugs, tell me I

9. Seeing your students do well should make you not only proud of them but also of yourself:

Being a teacher is probably the best thing I have accomplished so far in my life. It makes me so happy to see how well the students do and how much they like me.

10. Teaching allows you to pay forward the valuable lessons you learned in your own youth:

I became a teacher because my mom was a teacher and she always inspired me to do good in this world. What better way than to shape the lives of the next generation?

11. It's an amazing opportunity to open up the world for kids who might not otherwise get that chance:

I became a teacher because when I was growing up, teachers saved my life. I never want kids to feel alone like I sometimes did.

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