1 household item is the secret to getting rid of pesky price stickers in 1 peel

The Mess-Free Way to Remove Price Tags
The Mess-Free Way to Remove Price Tags

Purchasing new bowls, plates, glasses and other handy homeware can be exciting -- until it comes time to peel off those pesky price stickers lurking on the bottom. They say practice makes perfect -- but no matter how hard you've tried, you just haven't been able to master the art of the peel. We get it.

Well, Jeremiah Brent, designer and the host of "Home Made Simple" feels your pain, too -- and he wants to help.

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His suggestion for a hassle-free peel? A hair dryer! Stay with us.

As OWN explains, simply point your hair dryer a few inches from the sticker and hold it there for a few seconds (Brent turned the hair dryer off after roughly five seconds). Once that's done, the applied heat should help the sticker come right off -- minus the mess.

That's right, the secret to ending your sticker-peeling misery has been hiding in your home this entire time.

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