'Little Boxes' is the can't-miss Tribeca Film Festival dramedy

'Little Boxes' Director Rob Meyer speaks with #KanvasLive about his film
'Little Boxes' Director Rob Meyer speaks with #KanvasLive about his film

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If for some reason you thought that the film world had run out of unique ways to touch an audience, Rob Meyer, director of 'Little Boxes', one of the most buzzed-about films being featured at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, is here to prove you wrong.

'Little Boxes' explores the ideas of identity, growing up, and defining who you are even if the people raising you don't seem to understand. Stars Melanie Lynskey, Nelsan Ellis and Armani Jackson are already wowing critics, catapulting 'Little Boxes' from an unknown indie flick to one of the must-see features at what might be the most prestigious film festival around.

"We live in a culture of YouTube comments, starting fights - but I hope this one starts conversations," says Meyer of the poignant purpose of the film. "Putting yourself in someone's shoes but knowing you can't put yourself in someone else's shoes."

There's something raw and beautiful about being alright with unanswered questions, especially when they're questions that hit so close to home. How far should we try to go to understand others' struggles, and when is it time to just accept that which we don't understand? 'Little Boxes' may not answer these questions, but it does the next best thing -- asks them.

Centered on a mixed-race family getting used to redefining themselves in small town life, 'Little Boxes' is a fresh take on family dramedy that will keep you captivated the whole time.

To hear more about the film, watch the video above to hear what filmmaker Rob Meyer had to say about its origins, why he loved the script, and what his second go-around at Tribeca Film Festival is like.

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