'Game of Thrones' newcomer Joe Naufahu dishes on Khal Moro and Daenerys' season 6 journey

'Game of Thrones' Season 6 (2016) Daenerys Comes Home
'Game of Thrones' Season 6 (2016) Daenerys Comes Home

By: Chelsea Huang

The highly-anticipated season six premiere of "Game of Thrones" picked up right where it left off one year ago, and like returning to school after summer break, it was refreshing to welcome many familiar faces back into our lives -- with the exception of one notable newcomer: Khal Moro.

Daenerys was picked up by a massive herd of Dothraki at the end of the last season and was taken on Sunday to the tribe's leader, Khal Moro, who crassly expresses his desire to bed and impregnate her before discovering she had been married to Khal Drogo.

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Joe Naufahu, who plays the new Dothraki leader, sat down with AOL last week and dished on his exciting new role on the hit series. According to the actor, the events that unfolded in the first episode are a "good idea of the character and a good insight as to how the relationship with Khaleesi will unfold."

"He's obviously a brute because he's a Dothraki, and that's just the way they were brought up, but he's a pretty loyal brute. He sticks to the traditions of the Dothraki very strongly," he said.

Khal Moro's honor is made clear when he vows to keep Dany safe after discovering her identity, but trouble appears to be ahead as it's learned that all widows of khals must be relegated to a windowless temple in Vaes Dothrak. While the traditional Moro clearly intends on bringing the Mother of Dragons to join the rest of the dosh khaleen, Naufahu implied that his character may be a bit softer than his predecessor (and total strong but silent type), Khal Drogo.

"He's a listener," he said. "He will listen, and he's a talker as well ... but he's very loyal."

Naufahu also distanced his character from the rough, crude manner many of the Dothraki men have already treated Daenerys.

"That's not me. That's the young whippersnappers. These are the young pups trying to make their way through the ranks. They're macho, and they're trying to treat poor Khaleesi badly."

But still, don't expect the pair to swap braids and hair jewelry anytime soon.

"It's always been tense because she is an outsider and the Dothraki are such a staunch race, so for anyone to try to break the barriers down is always going to be difficult," Naufahu said.

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