TriBeCa Film Festival's comedy puts a new spin on road-trip movies

'Folk Hero and Funny Guy' star Mike Manning talks to #KanvasLive
'Folk Hero and Funny Guy' star Mike Manning talks to #KanvasLive

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Mike Manning is not new to the silver screen -- featured in films like 'I Do' and 'Cloud 9', his new film 'Folk Hero & Funny Guy' was a natural next-step in what's soon to be an illustrious career. However, Manning's presence in 'Folk Hero & Funny Guy' is not just an on-screen one. The 29-year-old actor helped make the quirky road-trip film possible by doubling as an executive producer for the flick.

"It's the first film that I've been a producer and an actor on and has been really exciting in that regard," Manning says of his experience on the set. "This is my first time at Tribeca and I like it a lot."

So while the film is filled with firsts for Manning, you'd never know it from the structure of the film. Filled with up-and-coming actors like 'Girls' star Alex Karpovsky and '22 Jump Street' star's Wyatt Russell, 'Folk Hero & Funny Guy' features groundbreaking performances from actors you've never seen in roles like these.

The comedy will make you laugh, as any comedy should, but will also make you think and touch you in a way not all comedies do. Themes like love, loss and art make up the substance of 'Folk Hero & Funny Guy', but it's the faith and drive of participants like Manning that fuel the passionate indie flick right to the Tribeca Film Festival.

If you want to learn more about the comedy, listen to Manning's above interview, or catch ''Folk Hero & Funny Guy' at Tribeca Film Festival!

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