This 3-year-old girl who can name every Led Zeppelin song is cooler than all of us

Little Led Zeppelin Fan Knows All the Hits
Little Led Zeppelin Fan Knows All the Hits

Do you consider yourself a Led Zeppelin superfan?

Even so, you've probably got nothing on this three-year-old, whose knowledge of the British rock band rivals any '70s roadie.

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Dressed to the nines in an Elsa "Frozen" dress, Lily is videotaped by her father Matthew as she listens to him play her favorite band on the guitar.

The jam session quickly turns into a pop quiz, however, when her dad puts her on the spot, asking her to name the song he's playing based on the opening riffs.

Being the music genius that she is, she begins to fire off the answers with only a five-second preview, going 7-for-7 on songs like "Whole Lotta Love," "Heartbreaker," "Black Dog," and "House of the Holy."

Lily keeps her cool throughout for the rapid fire round, but when he plays "Rock and Roll," she can't fight the urge to dance anymore -- so she gets up and jumps around the room uncontrollably in her princess gown.

Matthew claims that Lily was just two years old when she first heard Led Zeppelin -- and ever since, she hasn't been content listening to any other band.

Someone get this girl a job at Rolling Stone!

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