Ted Cruz released a bizarrely specific video using lookalikes of top Hillary Clinton staffers

Cruz Pokes Fun at Trump's NY Win
Cruz Pokes Fun at Trump's NY Win

Sen. Ted Cruz's campaign released a video Thursday that attacked Donald Trump using fictional members of Hillary Clinton's campaign staff.

The 2.5-minute video was set in a fictional Clinton "war room."

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The cast of the video included lookalikes of Clinton staffers, including top aide Huma Abedin, campaign chair John Podesta, campaign manager Robby Mook, and press secretary Brian Fallon — in addition to a fictional Clinton herself.

The ad reiterated Cruz's assertion that media outlets are holding onto bombshell revelations about Trump that could further alienate voters in a potential general-election matchup with Clinton.

Fictional staffers discussed how Trump's low favorability numbers, inflammatory statements, and personal-finance scandals could help Clinton win in a general election.

"Donald Trump is paving the way for you to win the White House," an actor in the ad said.

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"Our oppo file is ready to go. When our friends in the media release this stuff, he's toast," another staffer ads.

Though the majority of the ad was spent bashing Trump, in the final minute, staffers pondered a potential general election matchup against Cruz.

"How do we stop Ted Cruz?" the fictional Abedin asked.

"I don't think we can," another staffer said.

Though the fictional Clinton campaign appears rattled by Cruz in the ad, the actual Clinton campaign has publicly welcomed a matchup with either Trump or Cruz.

While Clinton performs better in hypothetical head-to-head matchups against Trump, most polls show she also bests Cruz in similar hypothetical general-election contests.

Watch the ad below:

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