Stars celebrate Earth Day

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How the stars celebrated Earth Day
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Stars celebrate Earth Day
Everyday is earth day🌱🌍🌸 #earthday
#fbf #EarthDay 😊
Far from the beach heyyy it's #EarthDay 💙🌎🌊
Epic Chicago surf session brought to you by ChicagoPD Transpo. Epic Chicago sunset brought to you by planet earth! #happyearthday #earthday #SurfChicago #keepitunder55
Happy EarthDay everyone from us.We're in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean in this yellow submarine shooting Season 2 of @yearsofliving on the @natgeo Channel with an amazing group of scientists, film makers, and the incredible tech professionals as well as crew of the Alucia. Thank you Mr. Ray Dalio for this extraordinary vessel to live on while we search for the Earth's past that will be the key to our future. This has always been my boyhood dream to be on a National Graphic science expedition-thank you for all that made this happen! Let's do something Great for our planet today so we get in the habit of doing it everyday. We must protect our wild habitats, keep our waters clean, educate our youth and stop stop dirty corporations that own dirty governments so all of us and our kids have a home. It's our earth, our home- let's make Earth Day EVERYDAY... Love, Ian and Nikki
Everyday is earth day in my eyes. 🌱
Happy #EarthDay everyone! We're out here in the middle of the ocean watching scientists study samples from the ocean floor in an attempt to see weather patterns which will determine the frequency and intensity of future hurricanes due to the rising temperatures of ocean water. Sitting here trying to make sense of it all while staring out at mother nature's we often overlook. I can't believe we are destroying something so magnificent. We watched Racing Extinction again last night, and if you guys have a second to spare I highly recommend watching it as well. And maybe do something good for the planet today :). Anything. Perhaps you can walk to a coffee shop instead of driving, recycle, take a shower in half the time you normally do, pick up some trash, bring reusable bags to the market, eat only vegetables for the day, anything to break up the normal routine. I bet it'll feel so good to your soul that you'll start doing it everyday❤️🐠🌊🌎 @YearsOfLiving @NatGeo #putapriceonit
Constantly feeling blessed for this incredible planet, all it has shown me so far, and all the wonders I have left to discover..🌍🙏💚 #EarthDay #Love #Gratitude
It's #EarthDay bbs. I LOVE this planet. Don't you? It's home. Food. Travel. Art. Hockey. Literature. Comedy. Chocolate! All in one place. It's magic. So we need to take care of it. #Recycle. Forgo plastic bags. Reduce food waste. Participate in #MeatlessMonday. Or go big and go #VeganBefore6. Do your taxes online. In fact go totally paperless! Carpool -- and get new music tips from friends -- to work. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. Or turn off the lights completely and have some sexy time by candlelight ;) Host clothing swaps -- basically a great excuse to drink wine and get free clothes with your best friends -- instead of buying new shit. The list goes ON. There are so many easy, fun, chic ways to take care of this blue marble we live on. Do it for you. Do it for ME! DO IT FOR LEO!!! (my eco conscious babes @reformation know what's up) #EarthDay2016 #DoItForLeo ❤️♻️🌎🌿🌎♻️❤️
Happy birthday to my angel Frankie. Happy earth day birthday! And happy earth day to all!!!!!!! #2yearsold #naturegirl
Sisterly love on a gorgeous spring day. Happy days. 🙏🏽😍💐 #heartexploding #sisters #earthday
#HappyEarthDay! Do you have wilted #greens in the fridge you don’t want to waste? 🌱 Make them into a #soup! I’m sharing a #healthy “Wilted Greens Soup” #recipe from @dana.slatkin today on It’s so #yummy even Scarlett loves it! #theeverydaysupermodel #skinnysoups #earthday {link in profile}
Proud mama, she actually did the poster alone. Great job Valentina. You are ORIGINAL 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
We are so lucky to be able to see all the beauty Mother Earth has to offer! Let's help keep it that way 🙏🌈🌎#happyearthday #earthday
Happy Earth Day to the only earth we've got. Let's take care of her please!! #earthday #earthday2016
Happy earth day, earthlings 🌞🍀🌺🌎🌬✨❤️
Me and @nickshein thoroughly enjoying beautiful Mother Earth 🍄🍄#happyearthday
Our lives depend on the health of our planet. Honoring Mother Earth on her special day. #plantatree #startingyoung #honoringmotherearth #gratitudetothemother #earthday 🌎🙏🌳Nossas vidas dependem da saúde do nosso planeta. Honrando a Mãe Terra no seu dia especial. #plantandoumaárvore #começandocedo #honrandoamãeterra #gratidãoamãeterra #diadaterra
Beautiful, isn't it? This spot is where we shoot #ThePathOnHulu. The whole earth should be this idyllic. Celebrate #EarthDay! 🌎 #ProtectMotherNature #EarthMama
HAPPY EARTH DAY! To celebrate our one and only mother check out #appsforearth and any app you purchase from now until 4/24 100% of the proceeds go to the @wwf (world wildlife fund) there are so many to choose from check them all out (link in bio) and enjoy some time outside with our mother today. #everydayisearthday

Stars have been having fun posting photos in honor of Earth Day. Check out how everyone is celebrating the special day in honor of the environment.

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