Mom makes horrific, bloody find in her baby's formula mix

How to Pick a Baby Formula
How to Pick a Baby Formula

It's safe to say that most parents are overly protective when it comes to their children's food.

That's why Micheala Nicholls' story about finding a used, bloody band-aid in her baby's formula is so terrifying -- especially since she claims that it's not hers.

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The band-aid in question was found in a tub of Aptamil 'Follow On' milk, a formula that's often used by mothers who do not breastfeed their children, or for those who want to use it for extra nourishment.

Micheala uploaded proof of the disturbing find to her Facebook, showing the used adhesive covered in powder, laying on top of the mix.

After posting the find, she also explained that she reached out to the company with her concerns, claiming, "I've rang and complained and they think there [sic] going to offer me Aptamil vouchers which isn't good enough, My little boys whole tub of milk has been contaminated with some other person blood."

The discovery, which made her "sick to her stomach," has since gone viral, and has been shared over 4,500 times in the matter of a few days.

In response to Micheala's post, a representative for the company responded to, stating that "it is 'unlikely' this happened at their factory."

On the bright side, however, the rep also says that, "We were very concerned to hear about Ms Nicholls' experience. We take the safety of our products very seriously and have immediately launched an investigation."