Unexpected reason why Georgia kayaker went missing

Unexpected Reason Why Georgia Kayaker Went Missing

When a missing person is found alive and healthy, it's typically a cause for celebration, according to authorities.

However, in the case of one Georgia man, his disappearance was allegedly an attempt to evade criminal charges.

On the morning of April 18, the wife of Cody Magee called Savannah-Chatham area authorities, saying her husband had gone kayaking the night before and hadn't returned.

A massive search began, and though the man's kayak was found near a beach on Tybee Island, there was no trace of him.

Magee was scheduled to appear in court that day, but when he didn't show a bench warrant was issued.

He was found in Oklahoma City on Wednesday and will be extradited to Georgia, where he faces charges pertaining to computer pornography, attempted child molestation, and firearm possession during the commission of a crime.

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Unexpected reason why Georgia kayaker went missing
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