Two huge 2016 games have been delayed

Video game delays are a common trend nowadays (most high profile games get them, often multiple times even), and that's to be expected. Big games take time, and that extra development time offers more polish and results in better games. But it's rare for two big games to get delayed on the same exact day, which is exactly what just what happened today, as both EA's Mirror's Edge: Catalyst and Sony's Horizon: Zero Dawn will no longer be launching when the companies initially planned them to.

By far the most pressing of the delays is Catalyst, the long awaited second installment in the Mirror's Edge franchise that began with the original game way back in 2007. The prequel was set to launch at the end of May, but developer DICE has confirmed the game will no longer be making that date, being pushed a few weeks back to June 7th. That's not that dramatic a delay of course, and DICE claims that the game has been pushed back only to "have the opportunity and time to address player feedback from the Closed Beta." So ultimately the benefits certainly outweigh the wait.

Horizon: Zero Dawn on the other hand has faced a far greater delay. Originally set to launch at the end of the year, sources are claiming that the new franchise from Killzone creator Guerilla Games will instead bow sometime in 2017. That means a delay of a few months, at the very least, and more likely 8-12 months. Following a year with so few console exclusives for the Playstation 4, it certainly will put a damper on Sony's 2016 plans if the delay for Horizon does go into effect.

Thankfully they have Uncharted 4: A Thief's End right around the corner to satisfy PS4 owners champing at the bit for a new exclusive. And even if Horizon won't land before the year ends, you can still expect it to be a pretty big part of Sony's E3 press conference come June. After all, the first sampling of the game that got everyone so excited for it in the first place premiered during last year's event.

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