Ted Cruz hammers Donald Trump over comments on North Carolina's 'bathroom law'

Cruz Pokes Fun at Trump's NY Win
Cruz Pokes Fun at Trump's NY Win

Sen. Ted Cruz slammed Donald Trump over his stated opposition Thursday to North Carolina's controversial "bathroom law."

In a statement, Cruz criticized his rival presidential candidate for refusing to support the law. It requires people in the state to use bathrooms corresponding to their biological gender, a direct affront to the transgender community.

"Donald Trump is no different from politically correct leftist elites. Today, he joined them in calling for grown men to be allowed to use little girls' public restrooms," Cruz said.

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"As the dad of young daughters, I dread what this will mean for our daughters — and for our sisters and our wives. It is a reckless policy that will endanger our loved ones," Cruz continued.

Cruz said the famously outspoken real-estate magnate succumbed to "political correctness."

"This is not real tolerance. The Left wants to force its belief system onto Americans across the country and silence people of faith in the public square," Cruz said. "Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump is all too eager to join them."

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has also said he would not sign or support a law similar to North Carolina's.

In a Thursday "Today" show interview, Trump suggested his opposition to the law. He cited the economic backlash from businesses in the state, as well as the fact that there has been "so little trouble" with transgender people using bathrooms.

"People using whatever bathrooms they want. ... There has been so little trouble," Trump said. "The problem is is the strife, the economic punishment they're taking."

The bill has created major backlash in the business and entertainment communities. Companies like PayPal and Deutsche Bank scrapped plans to create jobs in North Carolina, while musicians like Ringo Starr and Bruce Springsteen canceled events in the state.

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