Shayna Leigh reveals what is like performing live


Shayna Leigh is no stranger to the stage. After years of performing live, including a recent tour with American Idol contestant Lee DeWyze, the rising singer/songwriter can definitely call herself a seasoned pro. And anyone who has seen Shayna Leigh in real life can attest that her live performances are incredible. Her new EP "Drive" boasts Leigh's pop finesse, with songs that straddle different genres and incorporate lyrics ripped straight from her own personal journal. Between her emotional vocals, her infectious personality, and banter back and forth with the audience, Leigh makes her gigs events that are truly special for her audience.

And if you're hoping to see Leigh in action on stage, we've got good news for you. Shayna has her sights set on a tour across the country very soon. So while you're patiently waiting to scoop up tickets, you can get the inside look at Shayna Leigh's live performances from the singer herself! Check out the video above to see Leigh's take on all-things touring. Below, you'll also find out why she gravitates towards acoustic sets and what her big plans are for the future.

And don't forget to check out her brand-new music video "Goodbye July!"

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Do you normally play acoustic guitar when you're on tour?
I just did acoustic on my last tour and we ran some mood tracks which I think is really cool to spice it up. I was playing with Lee DyWyze who was using a kick drum. But for me, it's just me and a guitarist. I have done full band shows, but it's really up to what the tour suggests. Acoustic is more manageable and if I'm supporting an acoustic act I go acoustic. I think it's nice to have the freedom to play that way, and acoustic sets let you be intimate with your guitar player and have your banter build towards the audience which is nice.

Where do you see the progression of your music going in the next few years.
My blanket for advice for anyone who will listen: you make plans and then you deviate. So I'm going to take things as they come when I head back to the studio in the next week or two. I'm going to start an EP which will hopefully be released in the summer. I'm looking to do more touring as well as playing locally. And there will be another music video and we're going to spend sometime working on the next EP. I think musically, we're going to add more indie elements as well. That's the direction I'm planning on going in at least.

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