Revisit Prince and Beyoncé's performance from the 2004 Grammys

Prince Dies at Age 57
Prince Dies at Age 57

Legendary performer, Prince, tragically died on Thursday at the age of 57.

In response to the news, we've been listening to his incredible and extensive catalog of hits and watching some of his most iconic performances.

Among those most memorable moments on stage was a five-minute performance in 2004 with another soon-to-be legend whose music and performance style was incredibly influenced by the innovative pop artist: Beyoncé.

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Fresh off the release of her first solo album after Destiny's Child went on hiatus, Beyoncé's solo career was just starting to take off, thanks to the incredible success of her debut single, "Crazy In Love." At 22-years-old, she had -- and still has -- a lifetime of work ahead of her.

See photos of Prince and Beyoncé's memorable Grammys performance:

Prince, who was 45 years old at the 46th Annual Grammy Awards, had released more groundbreaking and genre-defying hits than could be counted.

It was a natural pairing of talent: Younger and older, male and female, influencer and influencer.

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The incredible performance, which opened the show and will always be considered one of the most memorable Grammy moments of all-time, started with Prince singing perhaps the biggest hit of his career, "Purple Rain," as the crowd went wild.

After the first chorus, Beyoncé's voice filters in and she quickly joins the legend on stage. With Prince clad in bright purple, and Beyoncé clad in bright feathery prink, they look incredible together.

Watch the full performance below:

Prince & Beyonce - Purple Rain / Baby I'm A Star (At The Grammys) (Live) (2008)

Then, the pair moves to the B-stage and breaks into a dazzling rendition of another one of Prince's biggest songs, "Baby I'm A Star." Their auras are palpable as they get back-to-back and share a microphone for the hit's biggest notes. Beyoncé grabs a tambourine and Prince slays it on the guitar.

The performance ends with a fiery rendition of a final Prince hit, "Let's Go Crazy," with the two superstars jumping around on stage, smiling and delivering insane vocal runs that only they were capable of. Seeing them on stage together, it's clear that Beyoncé was directly inspired by Prince's unique persona and stage presence.

His influence will be felt for years to come in music and beyond.

See photos of Prince through the years:

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