Mariah Carey threw herself a Mariah Carey themed party because she's Mariah Carey and she can do that

Mariah Carey Threw A Party Where Everyone Dressed Like Her
Mariah Carey Threw A Party Where Everyone Dressed Like Her

When you know you're the best, why wouldn't you want everyone else to be you?

Apparently, Mariah Carey abides by that logic, which might explain a party that she recently threw at the 18th-century villa in Lake Como, Italy, she's using as a home base during her European tour.

The theme? Mariah Carey.

The dress code? Your favorite Mariah Carey.

According to US Weekly, "about 40 to 50 people β€” people from her touring crew, friends β€” dressed up in their favorite Mariah looks; looks inspired by her songs or videos, with Mariah hair, poses, and her signature style."

The look-alike bash, which was reportedly filmed for her upcoming E! docu-series, was not a half-baked affair, either. "Even the men dressed like Mariah," a source told Page Six.

So, which look did the real Mimi opt for?

Her infamous evil alter ego Bianca, because yaaaaaaaaas.

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#Bianca returns 😘😘😘

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Mariah, THIS is why we're so obsessed with you. Life goals achieved.