LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian met decades before they got married

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Maybe it was fate afterall?

LeAnn Rimes just put out the most epic throwback snap of all time when she revealed she and her now-husband met decades before they ended up getting hitched.

In the photo, a very young LeAnn is smiling next to a handsome, and older Eddie Cibrian. She captioned the photo, "I was 14, he was 23. We don't remember meeting. He found this in the garage while going through boxes. 14 years later who knew we'd meet again. Crazy, all the life that happened between those two encounters, the lessons that needed to be learned. Fate? Chance? Serendipity? Who knows ? All we do know is, here we are together and tomorrow we are celebrating 5 years of being married and we wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

The photo seems to be around the time that LeAnn had just made waves for her album "Blue."

The snap is pretty awesome considering their rocky road to romance. The duo famously cheated on their spouses after filming "Northern Lights" and ended up marrying shortly after. However, they still have faced a lot of backlash over their relationship as Cibrian has had a very difficult relationship with his ex-wife, Eddie Cibrian.

We have to admit -- this is a really sweet and fun photo.

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LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian met decades before they got married

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