Did this girl's letter put Harriet Tubman on the $20?

Did This Girl's Letter Put Harriet Tubman on the $20?

"A young girl wrote to ask, 'Why aren't there any women on our currency?' And then she gave me like a long list of possible women to put on our dollar bills and quarters and stuff, which I thought was a pretty good idea," President Obama said.

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That young girl President Obama was talking about is Sofia. At 9 years old, she sent a letter to the White House with a list of suggestions of women she'd like to see on U.S. currency. One of those suggestions: Harriet Tubman. OK, maybe she got her spelling wrong, but, come on, she was 9.

Fast-forward a couple years to Wednesday, when Treasury Secretary Jack Lew called Sofia himself to share the news that her suggestion was heard and that Tubman will soon grace the $20 bill.

"Thank you for writing the president and thank you for writing to me and I thank you for helping to wake up the country," Lew said.

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It turns out the Treasury Department actually took two suggestions from Sofia's list. Eleanor Roosevelt will appear on the back of the new $5 bill.

"Some kids think, 'Well, I'm a kid. I can't vote. Why should I be able to make a change at anything?' If you think of a way you can do something, even if you think it's small, it can turn into something huge," Sofia said.

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Did this girl's letter put Harriet Tubman on the $20?
BREAKING: Harriet Tubman to replace Andrew Jackson on $20 https://t.co/aEG4RO9Prp https://t.co/h5G6tsMQwZ
Can't wait to say "It's all about the Harriets" #HarrietTubman 20$
I still remember my 3rd grade teacher reading Harriet Tubman's biography to us and thinking it was the greatest story I'd ever heard.
Harriet Tubman, a black slave, is replacing Andrew Jackson, a white slave owner, on our national currency. What a time to be alive.
A win for NY! Auburn’s #HarrietTubman to the $20 & @HamiltonMusical keeps 1st @USTreasury Sec on the $10! https://t.co/NW6gQqVXRb #TheNew10
Harriet Tubman is being put on the $20 bill. It's lit. https://t.co/xVLMcDd0M0
Take a moment to savor that Harriet Tubman, born a slave, will be replacing Andrew Jackson, a slaveowner among his many sins, on the $20.
Harriet Tubman is about to get the $20 bill!!!! Let's Go! 🙏🏾🙌🏾
You GO, Harriet Tubman! And #Happy420
The progress of being featured on the currency that was once used to purchase you and your relatives. Just, go head, Harriet Tubman.
Jokes aside: replacing Jackson on currency is overdue, and Tubman is an excellent choice for a lot of reasons. Good news.
I'm gonna need my pockets full of Tubmans!
In case you wondered if this was the Blackest Year EVER? Wonder no more. Harriet Tubman is about to be judging us on the $20 bill. LIT.

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