And the cheapest milkshake in America goes to...

Top 10 American Fast Food Chains
Top 10 American Fast Food Chains

What's better than a good, old-fashioned milkshake? The frosty, creamy treat can satisfy any sweet tooth, cool you off on the hottest of days, and some swear it's the cure to any hangover.

But where can you grab a chocolate shake that won't empty your wallet?

We've found the cheapest spot to find a hot cup of coffee -- but now we've scanned fast food menus for our other favorite drink.

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We scoped out some of America's favorite chain restaurants to see where the sweetest milkshake deal was -- and we found quite a range of costs. The price tag of a large shake varies from $2.89 to $6.69, with a large Baskin-Robbins shake ringing up as the most expensive on this list.

So who came out on top as the cheapest? Click through the slideshow below for the winner.

Only considering cost (and not accounting for taste or texture), these restaurants are your best bet for a large milkshake on a budget.

Check out the full list, ordered from most to least expensive:

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