Trump wins big in his home state of New York

Donald Trump Wins New York Republican Primary
Donald Trump Wins New York Republican Primary

Donald Trump tightened his grasp on the Republican presidential nomination Tuesday night with a blowout victory in his home state of New York.

Multiple news outlets swiftly predicted the victory in Trump's favor shortly after the polls closed in New York, an early sign that he will win by significant margins when all the votes are counted.

Trump ultimately pulled off a massive victory with 60 percent of the vote. Ohio Governor John Kasich came in a distance second with 25 percent of the vote and Texas Senator Ted Cruz trailed by another 10 points, roughly.

Watch Trump's victory speech from the Trump Tower in Manhattan:

Trump hinted before the win that the New York primary could be a key turning point in his efforts to wrap up the Republican nomination. "We're in a position where we'd like to see if we can close it out," he told FOX & Friends on Tuesday.

Tuesday's win for Trump comes mere weeks after a devastating loss in the Wisconsin primary at the hands of Ted Cruz—an upset that produced a slew of headlines ringing the bell of the billionaire businessman's imminent demise in the 2016 election.

Check out Trump's supporters:

While Trump's path to securing the required number of delegates before the Republican National Convention is not solid, New York's win put him a good step closer.

The next big races are in his favor too, as voters will head to the polls in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island next Tuesday. Trump is polling ahead in most of those states, with Cruz and Kasich battling it out for second place.

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