This guy threw an epic Nickelodeon-themed throwback party for this 31st birthday

'90s Kids Rewatch '90s Nickelodeon
'90s Kids Rewatch '90s Nickelodeon

As we all know, Nickelodeon's '90s programming was the best thing there was on TV. "Double-Dare 2000," "Catdog," "Figure It Out," there were countless shows that you could rely on when you turned on the TV.

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While we are die-hard fans, there seems to be one man who is the truest Nickelodeon fan there is, Wesley Hampton. For Wesley's 31st birthday, the Austin, Texas native decided to have a Nickelodeon themed birthday party, and lucky for us, there are pictures to prove it.

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ABC News caught up with Hampton and his wife where they dished about the truly awesome party. "The party was my wife's idea," he told ABC News.

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"She wanted it to be a surprise, but she realized it was a bit more of an undertaking than she could manage alone so a couple of months ago she told me her idea and enlisted my help. She pretty much still organized and planned it all. I was just the manual labor."

Photo cred: Imgur

You could check out their whole story on Hampton and his wife here, but what we really want to see are these AMAZING pics! Check them out in the gallery below!

Anyone else getting ready to throw a Nickelodeon themed party?! Because we most definitely are!

Check out more '90s love in the gallery below!

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