The top 10 highest paying companies of 2016

Top Paying U.S. Companies In 2016
Top Paying U.S. Companies In 2016

You probably think you can rattle off all of the jobs that make the most money off the top of your head (doctor, lawyer, etc.).

Year after year, that list may not change all that much. But however much a company decides to pay its employees can vary based on factors from staff, to budget, to performance and everything in between.

Plus, when you factor in companies that offer employee benefits like tips, commission and bonuses, the results are always dynamic year over year.

Glassdoor compiled a list of highest paying companies of 2016, and we pulled the top 10 (The full list of 25 can be found here.)

Think you can guess which companies made the cut for top 10? Click through to see if you're right:

If you noticed that all of the top 10 can be found in one of two industries, you're not the only one.

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Chief economist at Glassdoor, Andrew Chamberlain, notes:

"This report reinforces that high pay continues to be tied to in-demand skills and higher education, which in part, is why we see several companies on this list among the consulting and technology industries."

Now, take a look at the 10 worst jobs of 2016:

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