The Eagles pulled off the second blockbuster trade of NFL Draft to get the No. 2 pick

Eagles Explain Monster Deal with Browns
Eagles Explain Monster Deal with Browns

The Philadelphia Eagles have acquired the second pick of the NFL Draft, completing a trade with the Cleveland Browns, the team announced Wednesday, and appear to be targeting one of the top two quarterbacks available.

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In short, the Eagles are giving up third- and fourth-round picks this year and their first- and second-round picks next year in order to move up six spots. The Eagles will also receive the Browns' fourth-round pick next year.

Here are the details of the trade, via the Eagles.


It is the second blockbuster draft trade in a week, following the trade in which the Los Angeles Rams acquired the first pick in the draft from the Tennessee Titans.

There seems to be a growing consensus that the Rams are targeting Cal quarterback Jared Goff, although Rams general manager Les Snead told "The Dan Patrick Show" that the team is not ready to commit to one player but that they will likely draft a quarterback and one is favored over the other. If the Rams are leaning towards Goff, presumably, this means the Eagles have their eyes set on North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz.


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