'Storm Warriors' share what to do if you get caught in severe weather

The 'Storm Warriors' Share What To Do If You Get Caught In Severe Weather

Severe weather events, like tornadoes, are dangerous and frightening, but that doesn't stop Bill Ford, his family and the rest of the Storm Warriors from driving straight toward them. No, they're not crazy -- they're trying to learn as much about these forces of nature as possible, all so we can save lives when these devastating storms do hit.

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Tornado in the South, Louisana, Florida
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'Storm Warriors' share what to do if you get caught in severe weather
Update: Mutual Aid From Surrounding Counties Responding To Pensacola Area After Devastating Tornado Makes Impact. https://t.co/GT4yoaHGAe
@OBWeather @NWSMobile here's a screen grab from that Pensacola tornado video. Looks like the real deal. https://t.co/xYsqYEG8cy
Breaking: First Responders Report "Massive Damage" And Impassable Roads After Tornado Hits Pensacola, Florida. https://t.co/fDCuKz9JWE
Friend's Laplace neighborhood suffered tornado damage! https://t.co/2tMWMzrXfv
Gut-wrenching picture of the leveled mobile home park in Convent after a #tornado via @FOX8NOLA. #LAwx https://t.co/QIuya7kr8C
well dam. https://t.co/MNdRuzevwL
more pictures of damage in Paincourtville, la https://t.co/qM4B7aCvEW
Water tower down in Assumption parish after a reported tornado was on the ground @WAFB @SteveWAFB https://t.co/GBVCqDl1YB
Tornado damage in Laplace's river land heights. Dozens of homes destroyed. Fences tossed into trees @FOX8NOLA https://t.co/69wdrndln9
Convent , La sending prayers from Port Vincent and the Rogers #tornado https://t.co/n73g6GJYA1
This is somethin! Tornado/Waterspout over Lake Pontchartrain https://t.co/WEqcCgS948
Wall cloud and likely tornado SW of poplarville https://t.co/Eupnqoz8Hc
Potential #tornado spotted in Louisiana – see the raw video. #LAwx https://t.co/XBvtM2XMJX
Tornado just as it passed through Livingston, LA. @NWSNewOrleans #tornado #lawx https://t.co/VK48TEAMNy
@SteveWAFB https://t.co/DB7BhoHlZN Video of the tornado passing over i10 Baton Rouge/ Prairieville
#breaking witnesses say they saw a tornado in Ascension parish. This is the new Gold's Gym on Airline Hwy. @WBRZ https://t.co/tjsbSDy0nb
#tornado in Prairieville at Popeye's https://t.co/9CJGjkN7L8
WOW! 3 waterspouts earlier this afternoon off the coast of New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo: WWL-TV. #Tornado #LAwx https://t.co/EdB7YzIwtx
That tornado tore Prairieville up 😭😳 https://t.co/gRq4JdUplZ
#Laplace tornado. Winn Dixie parking lot. #Louisiana https://t.co/3jKOAUuCJP
Photo from 70 & 1: 2 homes destroyed, 2 businesses severely damaged, water tower down #tornado https://t.co/ToJFDnh6qc

Accompanied by his wife Danielle, his daughter Cori, and their new canine companion Rayne, the Storm Warriors have a new TV series in the works so everyone can learn and be prepared for severe weather.

A couple of pieces of advice from the Storm Warriors, if you are caught in adverse conditions:

  • If you're in your car, DO NOT drive towards the storm. Drive away from the storm and find a better, more secure structure.
  • Have a "go bag" ready, filled with snacks, water, flashlights, a radio, some cash and a picture of your family in case you get separated.

For more information visit the Storm Warriors website to follow their adventures and print out helpful safety cards on what to do during severe weather.

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March storm flooding
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'Storm Warriors' share what to do if you get caught in severe weather

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