Rainbow coffee is the magical pick-me-up you've been waiting for

Amazing Latte Art
Amazing Latte Art

Attempting to integrate the motto, "taste the rainbow" into your morning routine, one barista has found a way to take latte art to the next level.

Crafted by Las Vegas-based Mason Salisbury, the unique process was originally thought up as a way for the barista to practice his budding latte skills more extensively.

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By adding colorful dye to the foam, he realized that he was able to work on his masterpieces without wasting all that pricey espresso in the process.

Once he had the system down-pat, he eventually began adding caffeine back into the mix, making for a cup of coffee that's leaving guests starry-eyed.

After posting the various designs on his Instagram, his creations have gone viral and earned him almost 10k followers in the process.

Check out his one-of-a-kind work below.