Lele Pons is proving she's more than just a Viner

Lele Pons On "Surviving High School"
Lele Pons On "Surviving High School"

Lele Pons isn't your typical 19-year-old by any means. Not only does the young Venezuelan-American have over 10 million followers and 8 billion Vine loops, she's also been named one of Time Magazine's Most Influential People on the Internet and has a brand-new book, co-authored by #1 NY Times Bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz out on the market. Oh and did we mention, she's been nominated for three Teen Choice Awards, a People's Choice Award and a was invited to the White House to create Vines to support the First Lady's campaign for disadvantaged kids to go to college? Pons has seriously done it all.

And despite her incredible level of internet fame, she still manages to be one of the most down-to-Earth celebrities around. Whether it's taking the time to individually message her fans who are being bullied in school -- Pons admits that when she was in high school she was a victim to other students bullying -- or making sure that she doesn't forget the family and friends who stuck with her before she became famous, Pons proves that she's as real as it gets.

Her newest book "Surviving High School" perfectly captures Lele Pons's infectious and genuine personality. The novel covers all the incredible highs and awkward lows any modern high schooler can relate to. And for fans of Lele Pons's viral clips, have no fear, the book is just as hysterical as her fan-favorite Vines.

We recently sat down with Lele Pons to discuss her newest project, her relationships with her fans, and more! Ahead, find out how she balanced her teenage life with her social stardom, her incredible fan interactions, and the pressures of being a role model to millions of teens.

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What has life been like for you after becoming a social star?
It's a lot of work because you want to be a really good role model and be influential, but at the same time, you might be going through the same things people are going through and you don't know how to influence or guide them. If you're going through the same thing, you don't know the answer yet. I always think, "Maybe I need someone to influence and help me," instead of the other way around. I feel like it's a lot of pressure, but at the end of the day it's worth it.

What problems do your fans usually come to you about?
It's basically a lot of people asking me to help them get through their bullying.

What was your first Vine video like?
I bragged about me getting a bad grade in a science class. It didn't do great but my friends loved it. Then they showed their friends and it's how it got big. If I would see it right now it was not that funny but it was how I got my start.


Did you ever have a lightbulb moment when you realized Vine could be huge for you?
Yes! When I made it to the popular page. I kept thinking that I wanted to be there again so I just kept trying harder and harder until I could reach that goal I set up for myself.

How did you manage balancing a normal teenage life and being a star on Vine?
It was difficult. At the end I had to choose and I chose what would help me more in the real world. I thought that Vine would take me to where I wanted to be in life. Also I was in an engineer school at the time and I wanted to be an entertainer.

You involve your family and friends a lot in your Vines. What do they think about it?
They don't know so much about it but they're there to help me because they care about me. That is why I love featuring them.

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2nd Day 🎡 #coachella

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