Lele Pons gives us her best celebrity impression -- and it's hysterical

Lele Pons Discusses Discovering Vine For The First Time
Lele Pons Discusses Discovering Vine For The First Time

Lele Pons is no stranger to hysterical antics. Her Vine videos, which feature everything from comedy skits to unsuspecting pranks have garnered over 8 billion loops. To keep things in perspective, there's a little over 7 billion people in the world. And after one watch of her 6 second clips, it's no surprise so many people have resonated with her creative material.

Whether it's Lele making fun of the way she looks in the morning or awkward dinner situations, her videos always manage to make us laugh out loud. And her impression of Shakira is no different.

We recently caught up with the popular Viner at our NYC offices and asked her to give us her best celebrity impression. Spoiler alert: it's absolutely hysterical.

Below, watch her incredible rendition, and be sure to check back in later today to see more exclusive Lele Pons features!


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