Jan Frodeno wins Laureus Award and opens up about his record triathlon career

Jan Frodeno and Daniela Ryf Claim Ironman Wins in Hawaii
Jan Frodeno and Daniela Ryf Claim Ironman Wins in Hawaii

Jan Frodeno is the only man on earth to win both the Olympic gold medal for triathlon and the Ironman World Championship, but records don't really concern him.

"I got caught up on those kind of records so many times before and seemed to fail," Frodeno told AOL at the Laureus Sports for Good Jam. "Now that I don't care anymore and I've achieved it, it's like record books are something for the people to look at, and journalists to write about, but for me personally it's two completely separate events and I am really grateful – and I don't want to hand back any of them."

Handing back awards is one thing the 34-year-old athlete won't have to do. In fact, he scooped up another big accolade at the Laureus Awards in Berlin on Monday. Frodeno snagged the Action Sportsperson of the Year Award and ahead of the show he said he was "super stoked" to even be considered for the honor.

"You look at all of these athletes and to be nominated in that group is amazing for me, but it's also amazing for my sport. To be there as a triathlete. Years ago, people said why don't you try and do something real – try and learn something proper and for triathlon to be here on this stage is incredible."

It's not a huge surprise that Frodeno took home the award -- he's been consistently racking up wins across the world. Following his 2008 Olympic gold, he snagged gold at the 2015 70.3 Championship and Ironman World Championships.

Triathlon, as Frodeno remarked, is still a fairly young sport and hasn't been around for more than 30 years, but it has definitely gotten a lot of star power in the last decade with tons of amateur athletes becoming interested in Ironman races.

Ironman is the new marathon. It's this crazy goal for people – it's unfathomable. That's why everyone wants to do it and that's really cool to see," Frodeno explained. "It's huge to be a part of the journey and say, 'Hey, what we do is not just crazy.' We don't just go run a marathon in the desert and bike for hours beforehand. There's more to it. There's this whole mind and body connection that is really quite good."

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