How Old Dominion became one of country music's biggest bands

Old Dominion talks to #KanvasLive at Tortuga Music Festival
Old Dominion talks to #KanvasLive at Tortuga Music Festival

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Pop stars may have chilled at Coachella this past weekend, but the country's biggest stars rocked out at the Tortuga Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

From the biggest country names to the brightest rising stars, everyone was at Tortuga -- from Sam Hunt to Blake Shelton to Kelsea Ballerini, no stone was left unturned.

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One group that is creating a lot buzz in the country world, especially at Tortuga this past weekend, is Old Dominion. The band, made up of Matthew Ramsey, Trevor Rosen, Whit Sellers, Geoff Sprung and Brad Tursi, has taken off since releasing their debut EP in 2014. The guys even opened up Kenny Chesney on his Big Revival Tour this past year.

See more from the crowds at Tortuga Music Festival:

Now, Old Dominion is back with their newest album, "Meat and Candy," which is sparking the charts with hits like, "Snapback" and "Break Up With Him."

But at the end of the day, it's all about friendship for the band. had a chance to chat with Old Dominion while at Tortuga Music Festival this past weekend, where the members opened up about how the best part about being in a band and how Old Dominion came together in the first place.

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The Tortuga Music Festival took place next to the picturesque B Ocean Hotel & Resort in Fort Lauderdale. For more information about the hotel, click here.

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