Chicago Blackhawks' Andrew Shaw allegedly uses homophobic slur

Chicago Blackhawks' Andrew Shaw Appears to Shout Gay Slur at Official
Chicago Blackhawks' Andrew Shaw Appears to Shout Gay Slur at Official

Game 4 between the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues was a fierce and intense game between two of the most bitter rivals in the NHL. It ended with the Blues coming out on top, but the Blackhawks could be taking another loss after forward Andrew Shaw lost his cool and said some very unpleasant things in the penalty box. Shaw was hit after the whistle and got an interference penalty.

That wasn't all. Shaw gave the referees double middle fingers out of frustration. His reaction was completely unnecessary and over the top. Here are some GIFs of the particularly awful parts of his reaction.

The worst part of the reaction is that Shaw used some inappropriate language. He said a bunch of words that start with the letter 'F,' including one that can be used as a derogatory term against homosexuals.

Whether or not people think what Shaw said is offensive (if he did indeed use the homophobic slur in question) is completely irrelevant. What matters is that it happened on national television during a prime time slot. The NHL cannot afford to look weak considering that they partner with the You Can Play Project, which is an organization that fights for equality for athletes regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. Making things worse is that the Blackhawks recently partnered with the organization.

Expect a swift punishment for Shaw. Recently, Sacramento Kings point guard Rajon Rondo faced a one-game suspension for a similar incident. However, this one was on national television.

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