Band to watch in Los Angeles! Smoky Knights gear up for EP show

Every once in awhile, a band walks onto the Los Angeles music scene with a fun, funky and new vibe that deserves some serious attention. The Smoky Knights are that band.

The Los Angeles-based band is releasing their second EP "Your Stupid Smile" on Friday April 22 and in honor of their new jammin' album, they'll have an EP concert at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles.

The band features Adam Brooks on lead vocals, and guitar, Jesse Cross on vocals and guitar, Andy Fischer-Price on vocals and bass, and Seth Sylvester on vocals, drums and percussion. AOL caught up with Fischer-Price to chat about their new sound following their first EP "The Casual Recordings of the Smoky Knights."

"As far as the sound of this record goes, we kept it pretty organic and recorded together live in my back house apartment," Fischer-Price told AOL in an exclusive interview. "We prepared for recording by going to Seth's parents winter house in Maricopa, AZ and I think the desert environment played a big role in shaping the vibe of the record and in choosing which songs to record.

Their desert surroundings were definitely a game-changer. "Our first record was very ethereal and wintry and these days we've been describing our sound as somewhere between California surf rock, 50's dinner club fluff, and 70's drug binge fuzz," Fischer-Price said.

Their big single "Laughing and Rolling" is already getting buzz.

If you're in Los Angeles, catch the band this weekend at Hotel Café on April 22 at 9 p.m. and everyone else go and buy the EP right here.

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