We all missed the biggest hint about Ivy Park during Beyonce's Super Bowl performance

Beyonce Announces The Formation World Tour During Super Bowl 50
Beyonce Announces The Formation World Tour During Super Bowl 50

Beyoncé has been known to be the essential Queen of all things...well, legitimately, all things.

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She has all of us in intense amounts of suspense for the "Formation" tour, but as of recent, the world premiere event of "Lemonade" on HBO, which we now know is a docu-series type project. As the avid Beyonce fans we are, we decided to re-watch the "Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show"...of course skipping through to where Beyonce emerges singing "Formation" for the first time ever.

Now, if you slow it down, you notice anything in particular?

Photo cred: NFL


Photo cred: NFL

Beyonce nodded to Ivy Park back in February...53 days before her Ivy Park athletic wear was announced.

The woman is a legend. She is a genius. She is a wizard. If she teased Ivy Park...what else could she have teased? Let the deep YouTube dive commence!

Check out more from Beyonce in the gallery below!

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