The crying Michael Jordan meme just took a turn for the bizarre

TMZ Sports: Michael Jordan Is Cool with the Crying Face Meme

The "crying Michael Jordan" meme is the textbook definition of not letting someone live it down.

In case you were in need of a refresher, on September 11, 2009, Jordan gave a speech during his Basketball Hall of Fame induction in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Throughout the speech, Jordan repeatedly cried while retelling various anecdotes about his career.

And out of that one glorious tear-session, an internet star was born. (P.S. Kim Kardashian, what's good?)

APTOPIX Hall of Fame Basketball
Image: AP

To add what possibly may be the ultimate insult to injury, Sherman Winfield and Andrew Weiss decided to merge the viral photo with Jordan's famed sneakers for a pair of custom Air Crying Jordan VIIIs.

The world wasn't ready for this, but here they are anyway.

Absolute savagery.

(But also, can we maybe cop a pair? Thanks, guys.)

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