Rangers will give away flashing bracelets for Game 3

History of Philadelphia sports fans' bad behavior
History of Philadelphia sports fans' bad behavior

One of the newest fads in sports, especially ones that are played indoors, is the light-up bracelet. It's a cheap giveaway and it can lead to some epic lighting if planned properly. Musical artists have been using them for years. The New York Rangers have decided to join the bandwagon, even after the Philadelphia Flyers had a disaster with the bracelets on Monday.

Before Game 3 of the Washington Capitals series with the Flyers, the Flyers gave away the bracelets to all fans and used them to create an awesome pre-game light show. All went well until the Flyers had a meltdown in the third period, giving up four goals to lose 6-1. This led to fans throwing the bracelets on the ice. One even hit an injured Capitals player (Dmitry Orlov) in the head.

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It's a bit surprising that the Rangers are still sticking with the giveaway. Doing so shows a ton of confidence in their fans. While Flyers fans have a bad reputation around the league, the blue shirts are noted for having fairly well behaved fans. Every fan base has bad apples. For the sake of everyone, let's hope those bad apples don't get into tonight's pivotal Game 3 between New York and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Because if some bad apples ruin the fun in New York, this could be the last time fans see light-up bracelets at a sporting event for a while.

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