People with these types of names earn more money, study says

What's in a Name? Money, Apparently
What's in a Name? Money, Apparently

What's in a name? Money, apparently!

According to, workers with shorter names reportedly make more money than those with longer names. The study reveals that top earning names typically have four or five letters, while for every name longer than five letters, each letter makes $3,600 less a year on average!

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While there are more than likely confounding variables coming into play, we can't help but marvel at these wild results. also pulled the top 5 highest paid female and male names, which you can find in the slide show below.

Take a look if your name made the list:

So while we can't guarantee that if your name is Rob you'll earn a bigger salary than your long-named friend, Sebastian, there's no harm in casually dropping this study into his inbox​ if you want a laugh.

Watch the video above for more!

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