New District puts a pop spin on a childhood classic song


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Leave it to New District to take a beloved childhood nursery rhyme and turn it into a pop hit! The boy band whose members include Jaden Bojsen, Devin Dressman, Sean Cavaliere and Dylan Rey, have become synonymous with putting their spin on covers such as "Hotline Bling" and "Earned It" on YouTube. Their covers and their original music all feature infectious harmonies that fuse soul and pop together.

So when the boy band came into our NYC offices, we had to see them in action. Our challenge to them: to reinvent the classic song "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." (Spoiler alert, they absolutely nailed it).

We recently sat down with the group to talk about their musical influences, their latest single "Closer" and more! And of course, don't forget to watch the video below of their incredible pop-infused rendition of your favorite nursery rhyme.

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What is you creative music process like?
Devin: Typically songs will be brought to us and us putting our spin on it will happen when we go into to record. So "Closer" was written by Emile Ghantous and the process of that was really cool. It was the first song we recorded where someone let us put our own style on it. Most times producers want you to be a demo singer, but Emile really gave us the freedom to explore.

Dylan: It was the first song we recorded that when we played it back thought, "Wow! This is really cool!" I really appreciate Emile for letting us do that. All producers have their way of working, but he's been encouraging to let us put our own style on his lyrics.

How has social media changed how you operate as musicians?
Sean: Six years ago, everyone was on YouTube. But now there's so many platforms. So now you really have to be active on social media to reach your followers.

Dylan: There's a difference between followers and fans. But our end goal is to turn our followers into fans.

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