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New District may only be about 8 months old, but the talented boy band has already racked up an impressive and dedicated fan base. Since forming, the group has already amassed over 5 million plays on Youtube and over 200,000 followers from across the globe. But the boys will admit they really didn't understand just how far of a reach their music had until they had a chance to meet hundreds of their fans up close and personal.

Recently New District's Jaden Bojsen, Devin Dressman, Sean Cavaliere and Dylan Rey performed a show at Visalia, California, where they had the incredible opportunity to meet and speak with some of their avid followers. And from what the band says, it was clearly the highlight of their career so far.

We recently sat down with New District at our NYC headquarters to discuss their online and offline relationship with their fans, where they seem themselves in five years, and more!

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What is your fan dynamic like?
Sean: We had a meet and greet in California a week ago, and there was this fan who has come to every show we've done so far. It was really cool. We were also playing shows hours apart throughout the whole day, so she drove the entire day to see us.

Dylan: All the shows were in the Southern California vicinity, but it was still a few hours of a drive. But the crazy thing is that it was the first show that was our own, so it was really surprising to see how many actual people came. We ended up doing a meet and greet that lasted two hours in this place that's outside of LA. So it was really touching to see how many people listen and enjoy our music.

Devin: Online and in-person fans are different. Online they just go crazy and turn our faces into babies or photoshop us as girls. But in person it's interesting. They're just really excited to see us!

Dylan: There's also different personalities that come through in person. So I'll recognize a girl that we had a meet and greet with who is really shy but she's so active on the internet. It's fun to see the difference.

Devin: They're more talkative online than in person.

Sean: But some fans just go crazy! This one girl jumped and grabbed my arm. She tackled me!

What's going through your mind as you're performing live?
Sean: A lot of adrenaline is pumping but I'm mostly in the moment. I'm engaging with the fans and trying to get everyone feel like they're the only person in the room and make them feel special. It's cool because whether it's 10 minutes or 30 minutes, you can do anything up there and just have fun.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
Dev: Yes! We have a huddle that we do before every show. And me and Jayden have this handshake that we do too!

Dylan: It's been different the past couple of shows since they're at night and we have to go really early. But normally I don't eat before shows in case I get sick or something.

Sean: I eat a lot!

Jayden: Yeah, me too.

What's the biggest misconception people have about boybands?
Dylan: I can say for us that we've been compared to One Direction more than any other band has been compared to them.

Devin: It's like they don't know any other boy bands besides One Direction.

Dylan: We definitely pull influences from them, but we also want our listeners to hear the other influences. We're trying to bring back 90s boy band with the dancing mixed with the chill vibe 1D has. But also I would say too that guys in boybands just get a lot of a bad reputation.

Devin: Yeah when people meet us they ask if we're okay with the term boy band and that's what we are. We're embracing it!

What are the acapella videos like for you?
Devin: It's really fun! It's a lot more hands on.

Sean: The thing with singing it is that you have to sing your harmonies on point but you also have to look good on the camera.

Dev: It's absolutely more difficult to do acapella videos than produced ones.

Where do you hope to see yourselves in the next five years?
Sean: I see us trying to do the best we can, hopefully have some world tours, and have some hits on the radio.

Dylan: 5 years is such a short period of time when you think about it! We want to be a group that stays together for good. We also want to leave a legacy and I think that's our ultimate goal.

YouShouldKnow is a feature that showcases up-and-coming social stars. To see more of past interviews, including more exclusives on New District, click here!


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