​Meet the boy band hoping to make it bigger than NSYNC

​Meet the boy band hoping to make it bigger than NSYNC

Boy bands may have seen their hey day in the 90s with choreographed groups like Backstreet Boys and NSYNC dominating the airways, but that doesn't mean that all-male groups can't still sing their ways to the top of the charts. Groups like One Direction and The Wanted have proven this with their #1 hits. But one young boy band hopes to bring back the synchronized routines and infectious vocals of the 90s.

Meet New District, the five-piece that has members who hail from across the globe. Made up of singers Jaden Bojsen, Devin Dressman, Sean Cavaliere and Dylan Rey, along with one new to-be-announced member, New District's influences of soul and pop can easily be found in their unique sound. Their tracks, which span everything from acapella covers of hits like "Hotline Bling" to self-arranged, original songs, have caught the eyes of millions of viewers. Their latest single "Closer."which was produced by Grammy-nominated Emile Ghantous, gained over 1 million views in less than a month. Since then, the group has racked up a fan base that's over 200,000 strong, making them a force in the digital and music space.

So it's no surprise that their upcoming debut EP, a collection of songs produced by "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson, is a can't-miss album. Before their catchy songs hit iTunes and radio stations everywhere, make sure to get to know the boy band on a more personal level.

We recently had the exclusive opportunity to sit down with New District to talk about their bond as a brotherhood, their musical process, and more! Ahead, find out their musical first loves, what it was like forming a group in just 8 months, and the biggest thing they've learned since working together.

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What was your first musical memory?
Devin: When I was really little -- and my mother will testify -- I would come home, strip off all my clothes, and start dancing. I was three years old and would run around the house dancing and singing. And when I was in elementary school, I was in a talent competition and I sang "Tomorrow" from Annie and won.

Dylan: I remember growing up in Texas everyone was all about football and there was never anybody who had the same interests as me. I would be on the football field and I had my head in the clouds thinking about playing the guitar when I got out of practice. I'd get yelled at and have to run laps for not paying attention. But ever since I was a little kid, music has been my passion. I had a little drum set as Christmas gift one year -- even though I can't play drums still. But I've really grown into it after all these years and I love it.

Jaden: I actually started as an actor and I've always loved entertaining people. And nine months ago I started falling in love with music and singing, and now it's been my passion. I love to sing with the boys and have fun with them!

Sean: For me, it's always been a passion of mine even as a little kid. I loved to sing even before I could talk. I would mumble the words out. I actually started out as a model so that's how I grew into music. And as I grew older, my passion grew too.

What was it like bonding together as a group?
Devin: Things started rolling really fast. Getting to know each other was easy, but also hard since we had so much on our plate. It hasn't been long, but being in such close proximity to each other, it feels like we've known each other for years.

Dylan: And I remember I was the last one who joined. Once I joined, the next day we had photoshoots, and had to film, and it's been crazy but we've really become a brotherhood.

Did you always have a love for boy bands?
Dylan: I grew up listening to a lot of music but there was no band that I liked better than NYSNC. Those were my boys. I thought they were my friends even though we never met. And I actually had one of those action figures and my aunt gave it to me, and all my friends made fun of me for bringing it show and tell.

So if you loved boy bands growing up, was it a natural progression for you to want to join a boy band yourself?
Devin: For me no. It wasn't a part of the plan from when I was younger. I always thought Disney would find me. But around 14 or 15 I really changed my mind and thought about how cool it would be. I loved that you win or lose together, that you're a team, and that you're really working with your best friends.

Dylan: And there's nothing better than to grow better as a singer or dancer with each other. We've learned so much from each other during the process.

Who was your biggest musical inspiration growing up?
Sean: Mine was Justin Bieber. I loved the way he performed and he was my first concert!

Jaden: Bruno Mars since I love how he performs. His energy is so high and it's amazing.

Dylan: My two influences were Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson as a kid. Then NYSNC and Bruno Mars more recently. I really look up to those musicians a lot.

Devin: I was the youngest so I never had control of the radio. I never ended up really knowing who I was listening to as a kid. But the earliest influence I can think of is Usher and then more recently, I'm the biggest fan of Ed Sheeran.

What was your favorite album of last year?
Sean: Justin Bieber again! I loved "Purpose"!

Jaden: I would say Justin Bieber too.

Dylan: My favorite two albums of this year were "ANTI" by Rihanna and "Life of Pablo" by Kanye they were two dope albums.

Dylan: Ed Sheeran hasn't put out anything this year so far unfortuantely. But I love Troye Sivan's album and Bryson Tiller.

What's the biggest thing you've learned since you've become a boy band?
Sean: You win and lose together.

Dylan: I feel like we didn't become a group until we released our music in December. So the whole developing process was really just us getting to know each other and grow together. We wouldn't go to the public as a group that didn't have enough chemistry, you know? We worked that brotherhood up and then became a band. So really, we have to be a tight unit first before anything else.

Devin: I'll put it this way too, I don't even have to look at that straw to know that Sean bit it. That's how well I know him now.

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