Dog thrown from truck by terrible former owner makes unbelievable recovery

Dog Thrown From Truck by Terrible Former Owner Makes Unbelievable Recovery

Meet Luna, a poor pooch that was thrown from a moving truck over a raging river.

Luna's owners hurled her from the moving car and kept driving as she narrowly avoided the huge drop to the river below.

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Luna then attempted to chase after their car, but her fur was so matted that it was difficult for her to run.

The fur from her tail and her back legs had grown together.

Luckily, workers with Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue happened to be following the truck.

They scooped Luna up, gave her a much needed haircut, and took her to the vet.

The rescue team discovered that Luna's condition was critical.

She had a high fever, was highly anemic, and undernourished.

The team was able to nourish Luna back to health and, thanks to donations, all of her vet bills were covered.

Luna now has a new lease on life and has fortunately found a forever home with a new family that loves her.

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