Conor McGregor posts cryptic tweet about retiring young

Is Conor McGregor really retiring? -'The Herd'
Is Conor McGregor really retiring? -'The Herd'

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor posted a cryptic message about retiring to Twitter.

It's unclear if the 27-year-old's statement is actually official. UFC president Dana White said McGregor was pulled from UFC 200 for failing to appear at a press conference.

The other possibility here -- though unlikely -- is that McGregor got hacked, that one of his teammates did this as a joke knowing it would melt MMA Twitter.

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It could also be McGregor trying to gain some leverage in a contract dispute with the UFC and this is McGregor's reaction to the UFC trying to call his bluff about retiring. This seems unlikely since just under two months ago McGregor became the first UFC fighter to earn a million dollars in reported pay for show or win money, sans bonuses and pay-per-view revenue.

But if he is serious, this could be a decision made after watching a fighter in Ireland die from a fight. Perhaps the gravity of the sport and what is ultimately on the line when you step into the cage persuaded McGregor to step away.

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