A Mets pitcher threw a ball so hard that it left an imprint on his catcher

2 Point Lead: Things Mets Fans Say
2 Point Lead: Things Mets Fans Say

Nearly a full year into his MLB career, New York Mets starter Noah Syndergaard has established himself as one of the hardest throwing pitchers in baseball. With an average fastball velocity of 98.3 miles per hour through three starts this season, Syndergaard is on pace to become the hardest throwing pitcher since the stat has been tracked -- beginning in 2002.

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His impeccable velocity presents an obvious disadvantage for opposing batters, but as his catcher learned Monday night, it can also present a huge risk for anybody in the line of fire.

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Mets catcher Kevin Plawecki attempts to block a bouncing pitch in the dirt with his chest. Below is a photo of what happened next. Keep in mind that catchers wear sturdy chest protectors behind the plate.

This should serve as a warning to batters, catchers and umpires alike: If you attempt to stop a Syndergaard pitch, you will certainly pay the price.

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