5 things traveling the world teaches you about entrepreneurship

Build A Business: Mark Cuban Talks Entrepreneurship
Build A Business: Mark Cuban Talks Entrepreneurship

Definitely, no two travel experiences are the same, but the principles surrounding traveling are closely related. And these similar principles can always translate into practical lessons that can be applied to every phase of life, even business.

Entrepreneurship is one aspect of life that can enjoy a lot of insights from travel. For example, 94% of business leaders in America believe travel experience directly translates to a competitive advantage in the workplace.

Other than giving you some competitive advantage, here are 5 things traveling the world teaches you about entrepreneurship:

1. Creative Problem-Solving.

Getting lost or stranded, missed flights, sickness (especially from food poisoning), injuries, stolen wallets, and so much more, are some of the common problems travelers encounter. But about 99% of the time, they survive.

The business environment might not be as immediately threatening as travel, but being very creative around entrepreneurial problems--just as you'd necessarily be around travel problems--is the only way to survive in the harsh and competitive business world.

Even when you're faced with very uncommon and unusual business problems, you need to let your creative problem-solving spirit guide you. That's the way to the top.

2. Activity.

It's not only the human body inactivity kills; it kills businesses too.

A business where almost nothing happens, or where you wait passively, doing nothing till the next client walks in will die with time. It not only kills the employee's spirit; it makes the business environment look dead.

Just as you'd have a bucket list of things to do in Rome if you were planning a trip to Rome--so that you don't die of boredom on your trip, always try to find various activities that can grow your business and implement them.

3. Learning and Growth.

You'd probably never make the same travel mistake twice. You'd learn and grow--become more experience and apply lessons you'd previously learnt to new but similar situations. You'd even help whoever you find in such situations.

It's the same with entrepreneurship.

One thing about being an entrepreneur is having to learn a lot; either from your own mistakes or from other people's experiences. If from your own mistakes, just move forward (grow) with the lessons you've learned. If from other people's experiences, well...lucky you; just grow on!

4. Creating Community.

Even if you've never traveled, you can imagine how boring your trip would be if you don't make any new friends and create (or join) groups of friendly, fun, and like-minded people--especially when you travel alone.

This applies to entrepreneurship too. It's not a path you travel alone. You want to build a team of like-minded and variously talented people to help drive the business to desirable heights, and make the journey fun all the way.

5. Creative Communication.

What do you do when you travel to a country where you don't speak the language? The answer is probably the same every time and everywhere: you find creative ways to communicate and connect with the people. And have you noticed that most times you succeed in passing your message on--somehow?

In life, people have different ways of taking and understanding instructions. Not all your employees or partners learn best by listening alone. Some must still have a visual perception of your ideas or instructions. Some can only learn from experience--on the job.

Whatever way best suits your co-workers in learning, always find creative ways to communicate. If need be, tailor each person's instruction to his best way of learning--just as you'd do on a foreign trip.

There are definitely dozens of other lessons you can learn from traveling--so much that a book can probably be written on the topic--but I can only cover these 5 important ones here.

The best way to harness these invaluable travel lessons is to actually travel and learn from your own experience. Bring these lessons back home and apply them to your business. Then sit down (grab some snack maybe) and watch your business fly!

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