Trump's 'wig farm' in Norway has the internet ablaze

Donald Trump: I Don't Wear a Toupee
Donald Trump: I Don't Wear a Toupee

What if we were to tell you that Trump's iconic hair pieces were not made by a top-of-the-line toupee manufacturer, but rather, were grown for him on a 'wig farm' in Norway?

That would be insane, however, it's the latest 'rumor' being circulated on the internet about the Republican front-runner.

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Posted by Norway's VGTV, the viral video claims to have found the answer to his hairy secret, showing what appears to be a flourishing field of fresh Trump toupees.

The video notes that the 'wigs' in question are grown on the northern island of Kalvøya, explaining that the cold climate makes them stronger, thicker, and fuller.

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After getting all their punchlines in, the video later goes on to explain that the wigs in question are actually just bunchgrass, a common plant native to the island.

Because of the uncanny resemblance, the hair-larious 55-second clip has accumulated over 12 million views in only four days.

Check it out below.